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  • Ultra-rare Ferrari 575M Superamerica could be yours


    Here at Slades Garage, we’ve acquired something really rather special. The 575M Superamerica GTC, a limited-edition update to the 575 Maranello it’s based on, is the driving enthusiast’s ultimate prize.

    Only a mere 559 were ever produced, which has sent the Superamerica’s value soaring to around double the original list price - and that figure will only continue to rise. Many current owners are long-time collectors, meaning the Superamerica can very rarely be found on the market.

    Make no mistake that this is a very serious performance car. Under the bonnet, the automatic 5.7-litre V12 delivers a fairly staggering 532bhp, which is enough to take the car from 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 199mph. At the time it was launched, it was the fastest convertible money could buy.

    The glass and carbon fibre roof, exclusive to the Superamerica, was a technological marvel of the time, capable of switching between tints, electronically retracting into the rear deck and allowing the driver to simultaneously open the boot.

    But sometimes, it’s the little things that count. So when styling house Pininfarina were given the Superamerica to play with, they included a number of subtle but distinctive styling updates. As well as a new roof, the eagle-eyed will notice new aluminium headlight surrounds too.

    This “55” plate example includes a full GTC Handling Pack, which makes for a stiffer roll bar, suspension and braking than on the standard Superamerica. Data from Ferrari suggests only around 40% of the original customers opted for the Handling Pack, which makes our particular example even rarer. There’s also a Grigio Silverstone finish, full Crema Leather interior, satnav, and modular 19” rims. With only 19,980 miles on the clock, it promises to give its owner many more years of that unmistakable Ferrari sparkle.

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