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  • The importance of storing your prestige/supercar

    Secure Car Storage

    Your supercar maybe fast and fun but it won’t stay that way for long unless you take proper care of it. Supercars are a special breed of animal that need constant care and attention if they are to remain in top condition.

    While you drive your regular car everyday, your supercar is often left for days, weeks or even months in the winter, before you get chance to open the throttle and take it for a spin on a Sunday morning. Prolonged storage like this can adversely affect the brakes, engine oil, tyres and electronics, even on the latest models.

    If you live in central London and your car is left on the street, these problems are amplified. Paintwork will be damaged due to constant changes in temperature and exposure to ultraviolet light. While you may not notice at the time, it will become obvious when you come to sell it. Dull paintwork will require significant attention (and possibly even a respray) to bring it back to showroom condition.

    Left outside your pride and joy also runs the risk of being damaged, both deliberately and accidentally, leaving you on the hook for expensive repair costs. With the resale value of specialist cars dependent on authenticated service history, your car will depreciate more when left outside, than if it were kept securely in a garage.

    A prestige/supercar that has been properly stored and cared for will not only maintain its value, it will be easier to sell when the time comes and you won’t have to worry about the car not starting when you want to enjoy it.

    Why choose Slades Secure Storage to store your supercar?

    1. Your prestige/supercar will be stored in our superb secure facility located just 10 minutes from the M25 and 25 minutes from Heathrow.

    2. Your car will be carefully maintained and thoroughly valeted during its stay with us. Unlike other storage companies we don’t charge extra for this service, it’s all included in the price.

    3. Your supercar will be collected and delivered back to you when you want to enjoy it. You can choose from covered transport or one of our experienced mature drivers will personally deliver your car.

    4. Our facilities are completely dehumidified to provide the optimum storage environment. This is particularly important for classic cars that need to be protected from the elements.

    5. Your vehicle is protected 24 hrs a day with a state of the art monitored BT Redcare Police connection.

    If you own a classic car you can also take the opportunity to have interior and exterior restoration work carried out by our experienced workshop team. That way, your car will return to you in showroom condition the next time you want to enjoy it.