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  • History of the Jaguar Car

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    Back in 1922, a couple of business owners, William Walmsley along with Sir William Lyons, used their extensive knowledge of metal fabrication that they had from building sidecars to begin what would become an iconic car manufacturer recognised all over the world. Beginning life with the name SS Jaguar, the very first models created were the SS 90 and SS 100. The eye-catching designs and high levels of performance would have taken off straight away; however, with World War II on the horizon, any potential progress was quickly halted.

    After World War II, the Jaguar company quickly purchased Standard Motor Company, who were previously their suppliers of six cylinder engines. At the same time, Jaguar got to work on producing engines that would become known for their unrivaled levels of performance. During the 1940s, Jaguar successfully introduced both the XK 140 and 150 in addition to the highly popular E-type. Those three vehicles alone became the cornerstone of all of Jaguar's success, meaning the company could continue to make high-performing, luxury cars at a cheaper cost than any of their competitors. That success was aided further by the fact Jaguar took the bold step of entering international motorsports, which meant they had more attention than ever before and managed to build a reputation for performance vehicles.

    By the time 1951 rolled around, Jaguar were celebrating their first victory at Le Mans, a triumph that they managed to repeat several times throughout the 1950s. In the mid-60s, Jaguar merged with the British Motor Corporation, and from that day, British Motor Holdings was born. Twenty years later, as part of British Leyland, Jaguar would be listed on London's stock exchange.

    Today, Jaguar's reputation for luxury and performance is as strong as ever, and despite being owned by Tata motors, it still maintains its British heritage and is based in Whitley. The company employs more than 10,000 workers and sales of Jaguar cars have continually improved year on year, meaning more vehicles are being produced annually. Expanding markets, particularly in North America, China and Russia, mean that Jaguar's future looks secure for many years to come.

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