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  • Now where have I seen that person before?

    Classic sports cars like this blue BMW 318i Sport Convertible are now available at Slades Garage in Penn, Buckinghmashire

    You know how it’s so annoying when you recognise someone but can’t place where you have met or seen them before? Its the same when watching TV or films. For some of the team offering classic cars for sale here at Slades Garage at Penn in Buckinghamshire – to customers throughout the UK - it’s a similar story with cars! Therefore, when we recently took charge of a superb BMW 318i M Sport Convertible, we tried to remember where 318s had made starring appearances. A little delving on the internet told us that one was the undoubted star of Pretty in Pink and Black Moon Rising. Turning to TV, they were the standout performers in both Matlock and Lovejoy (but you do have to be of a certain age). Perhaps we should draw a veil over The Bourne Identity from 2002, where, according to one website it: “Builds the intimidating persona of one of the assassins"!

    Incidentally, a customer once described our showroom as being “like Aladdin’s Cave – full of treasures”. We can live with that, as we do pride ourselves on those classic car sales, retro BMW and other models you might not find anywhere else.

    Back to this superb BMW 3 series. Our 318i M Sport is one of only 500 that were ever produced. It was registered in 1991 and looks completely timeless whether hooded or bareheaded. The neon blue paintwork dovetails so well with the grey sports seats interior, and 250 in this shade and the same in neon green, comprise the five hundred. It has a full service history and, as with all of our carefully chosen classics, sports and supercars, is presented in stunning condition.

    At Slades Garage, we do hold with the saying that seeing is believing, so it’s best to look here and do so quickly. Your summer could be seriously retro this year!