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  • The Austin 7 monoposto racing car from Slades Garage

    Austin Monoposto

    For classical car lovers, the sight of an Austin 7 for sale at Slades Garage is a special occurrence, and this long lost car's effortless charm leaves no doubt as to why that is. After the drooling has stopped and the tears have been swept away, enthusiasts will be delighted to know that this car is within their grasp, even if they do not have the money on the day.

    When it comes to buying the world's most extravagant classic cars, Buckinghamshire residents head to our garage, and there is no finer example of our company's stock than the aforementioned Austin 7 monoposto racing car. This 1930s racing masterpiece is just one of the various scintillating automotive creations we stock at Slades Garage, with Porsche, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin amongst the other iconic names at the heart of our automobile arsenal. Five long years of restoration and dedication have produced this stunning car, with the paint job carried out by the same company responsible for McLaren's glistening chassis. Now equipped with some of the finest gadgets modern-day technology has to offer, the Austin 7 has the classic and authentically detailed outer appearance of a true automotive great, mixed with 21st century gadgetry. Who could ask for more?

    Not only do we have the finest classic cars for sale - after all, we do have an Austin 7 for sale - but also some of the most flexible and accommodating finance plans, meaning that a true car obsessive need not miss out on the chance of a lifetime simply because he has had a bad month. You can simply tell our team your situation, and we will find a deal to suit your needs, leaving you to take this vintage racing car for a spin around your local track.